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Oakville Cardiologists, Oakville Ontario, Heart Clinic
Heart Function Clinic

When a patient's heart can no longer meet the metabolic demands to function normally they suffer from congestive heart failure. There are many causes including coronary artery disease, cardiomyopathy, or valvular heart disease. Patients living with heart failure require more frequent monitoring and adjustments to their medical management in order to reduce hospital admissions and improve their quality of life.

The Heart Function Clinic at Halton Healthcare, Oakville Trafalgar Memorial Hospital site is a multidisciplinary clinic dedicated to the support of Heart Failure (HF) patients who have complex care needs that require close monitoring and/or medication optimization. The Clinic is staffed by the Cardiologists of Oakville Cardiologists, nurses with advanced training in heart failure, pharmacists and administrative support. Patients in the Clinic are offered physical assessments, management of medical and non-pharmacological treatments, and patient teaching regarding diet, lifestyle and medication management.

Referrals to the Heart Function Clinic are made through the Cardiology offices of Oakville Cardiologists.

Heart Function Clinic
Device Clinic

Most patients need a pacemaker because their hearts beat too slowly to meet the needs of their bodies. This is known as bradycardia. A slow heart rate can cause symptoms such as dizziness, fatigue or fainting spells that can put you at risk of injury or harm.

The Pacemaker Clinic at Halton Healthcare, Oakville Trafalgar Memorial Hospital site is a specialized outpatient clinic designed for the care of patients with implanted rhythm-management devices. The goal of the clinic is to:


  • Provide ongoing follow-up of the device

  • Provide patient and family education about the device

  • Monitor aspects of a patient's health associated with their device


The clinic is staffed by the Cardiologists of Oakville Cardiologists led by Dr. Ioannou. The device clinic also relies on the expertise of our nurses who specialize in the treatment and care of patients who have an implantable rhythm device.

Patients are required to have a referral from either their cardiologist or family physician. Patients who have had their pacemaker inserted elsewhere and move to the Halton Region can be referred to the clinic for follow-up.

Device Clinic Image, Oakville Cardiologists, Oakville Ontario
Device Clinic
Cardiac Rehabiliation

Cardiac Rehabilitation is an individualized exercise and education program designed to improve heart and health. Cardiac rehabilitation is the next step back to health for people who have had a heart attack, cardiac surgery or other cardiac events.

Cardiac Rehabilitation involves an interdisciplinary, collaborative team to assist persons recovering from a recent cardiac event. The multidisciplinary team includes a medical directors Drs. Mao and Chiamvimonvat, administrative assistant, nurses, physiotherapists, dietitian, kinesiologists, social worker, trained exercise supervisors and volunteers. The program includes a medical evaluation, graded exercise testing, individually prescribed exercise programs, supervised exercise classes, risk factor education, and counselling. The program is offered at both Oakville and Milton hospitals of Halton Healthcare.


To participate in the Cardiac Rehabilitation Program, a Physician Referral is required.

Smoking Cessation
Smoking Cessation Clinic, Oakville Cardiologists, Oakville Ontario

Our smoking cessation program at Oakville Cardiologists is a nurse practitioner-led clinic that provides patients with one-on-one support during an attempt to quit smoking. The program provides a non-judgmental and supportive environment where a “quit plan” is tailored to meet individual needs. At your first visit you will meet with the nurse to establish your personal treatment plan, which may include medication. Your cardiologist will refer you to the program if you would like to participate.

Cardiac Rehabilitation
Smoking Cessation
Woman at SPACE CLINIC, Oakville Cardiologists, Oakville Ontario
SPACE Clinic
(Secondary Prevention & Cardiac Evaluation)


The Oakville Cardiologists SPACE Clinic is a community based nurse practitioner-led clinic that provides treatment and monitoring of patients with a variety of conditions. These include high blood pressure, high cholesterol, stable coronary heart disease, medical management of peripheral vascular disease and heart failure. 


The clinic also provides rapid evaluation of patients discharged from one of the Emergency Departments of Halton Healthcare. 


Patients in the clinic are evaluated by our nurse practitioner and may also be evaluated by one of the Cardiologists if required. All patients referred from the Emergency Department are evaluated by both the nurse practitioner and Cardiologist. 


The purpose of the clinic is to optimize medical care in a timely way to improve patient outcomes, quality of life and reduce hospital admissions.


Access to the clinic is by physician referral only.

Clinical Research

Clinical research studies help find the answers to our most pressing healthcare questions. Research studies find new ways to prevent illness, detect diseases, test new treatments, and improve patient outcomes. Clinical studies may examine new drugs, medical devices, diagnostic imaging techniques or procedures. Every study provides new information about treating conditions and providing better medical care. 

At Oakville Cardiologists our physicians have more than 50 years of combined experience in Cardiology clinical research. Clinical studies we have been involved in over the years have changed clinical practice and are now established therapies and procedures around the world.


We have a number of Cardiology clinical studies ongoing at any given time. If you are interested in participating in a clinical research study, please ask your cardiologist for more information or contact our Clinical Research Study Coordinator Marie Birch 905-849-4567 Ext. 7.


Watch the following video about clinical trials by the Network of Networks (N2) and learn more at ItStartsWithMe.

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