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Diagnostic & Consultation Request Information on the page is for Physicians only.

Physicians can refer  patients to Oakville Cardiologists for Diagnostic Testing

in the following ways:

Image of Heart and Stethescope, Oakville Cardiologists , Oakville, Ontario
Diagnostic Tests

For your convenience, we have included all non-invasive cardiac investigations on this form:  Cardiology Requisition. To assist you in choosing the appropriate test please follow the link for Appropriateness Criteria. You must specify an indication for the test.

Consultation Requests, Image of Doctor and Patinet, Oakville Cardiologists, Oakville Ontario
Consultation Requests

Please indicate if the consultation request is elective or urgent and provide the relevant clinical information for the request. You may request a specific Cardiologist or one of our Cardiologists with the first available opening on this form: Cardiology Requisition

If you choose to complete the forms in the format above please fax the document to Oakville Cardiologists at (905) 849-8266. Alternatively, these forms are available in most major Canadian EMRs. We can assist you to incorporate it into your EMR to improve the process.


Requisition forms must be completed and signed by a Physician. Diagnostic Testing and Cardiac Consultation requests may be requested on the same form. 

Diagnostic Tests
Consultation Requests
Halton Healthcare Emergency Department Physicians

Halton Healthcare Emergency Department physicians may use this specific form: Cardiology Requisition for OTMH ED Use to refer patients for Diagnostic Testing and/or Urgent Consultations.

Halton Health Care ED Physicians, Oakville Cardiologists, Oakville Ontario
Halton Healthcare Emergency Department Physicians
Cardiac Rehabilitation

To refer your patients who have experienced a cardiac event (angina, myocardial infarction, congestive heart failure, cardiac surgery, or angioplasty) please use this form: Referral for Education& Exercise Classes.

Cardiac Rehabilitation
E-Consultation Image, Oakville Cardiologists, Oakville Ontario

The Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care has created an Electronic Consultation or E-Consultation to facilitate rapid access for specialist advice when a formal in-person consultation is not considered necessary. In order to request an E-consultation, a physician must please complete the attached form and forward it via secure email to Oakville Cardiologists. Please save and attach your completed E-Consultation request and email to: CARDIOLOGY@ONTARIOMD.CA .

Please note that this email is used exclusively for E-Consultation requests and cannot be used for any other correspondence.

E-Consultation Requisition

We have compiled a list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) that will provide you with more information and assist you to set up a secure email account with OntarioMD in order to use this service. The OHIP Preamble relating to E-Consultations can also be found below. 


E-Consultation FAQ


OHIP Preamble E-Consultation


On March 13, 2021 Oakville Cardiologists hosted their 10th educational update, Evolving Concepts in the Practice of Primary Care Cardiology. Over 200 physicians, nurses and allied health practitioners were present for this virtual event. The sessions were recorded in case you were not able to join us in March. Please click on the link below to view the sessions on the virtual platform at your convenience.

Lecture Photo for Oakville Cardiology
Evolving Concepts
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